Mommy Mastermind Workbook & Video Course

Masterminds are usually meant for business owners. They provide support, encouragement, ideas and growth. This Video and Workbook walks you through.

What is a mastermind for moms?
It is simply a focused group. We look for the positive, listen to one another's obstacles and try to find ways to overcome daily challenges.
For example, one of the challenges that comes up regularly for moms is meal planning. We will be doing a large group mastermind on meal planning.
See our calendar for our group events.
Our private group is Moms Connect & Simplify

You will gain:
Life-changing connections
•Share challenges and successes
•See, hear and support one another
Solution-based approach to life’s problems
•Gain greater clarity
Accountability and structure


Course Curriculum

Kara Peterson

A wife. A mother. A teacher. A writer. A woman.

I have had and embraced many roles in my life.  It seems that each one prepared me for the next. While I gained a new role, I never lost a previous one.

Each one has also taught me an important lesson.

  • wife - how to look at the "long game"
  • mother - how to stop...just stop and listen
  • teacher - the realization that lessons were about life, not language
  • writer - creativity and art comes in all shapes and sizes
  • woman - the importance of connection

I believe we all have "seasons" in life. I have now entered a season where I am able to focus on connection and creativity.  I am excited for these to manifest.

Shannon Miller CEO


Highly Recommended Course. Easy to Understand, Informative, Very Well Organized. The Course is Full of Practical and Valuable for Anyone who wants to Enhance their Skills. Really Enjoyed it. Thank you!!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A mastermind is essentially a “think tank.” A group of people come together and share specific challenges or obstacles. Other members give feedback, support and advice; the key is that masterminds are driven by solution based outcomes.

Masterminds are almost universally done (and they were created for) business people. However, it occurred to me that when my children were younger what I needed most was a group of people who were always there for me. A group who would hold me accountable, support me , never judge and walk me through goals to improve situations in my life. This is a mastermind. It is perfect for moms.

A mastermind is led by the group and focuses on the group. Each person has just as much value, importance and is needed as the next. In group coaching it is led by a coach and usually follows a plan or issue; the reason for joining. For example a “mastermind” on self esteem or a “mastermind” on boundaries. This group coach will lead the group and possibly give “homework” for the next week that the group will focus on.


Connection, support, accountability and problem solving. I have created these masterminds simply because I feel that the two most difficult parts of starting your own mastermind are: Finding members who share a goal and commitment to the group Getting a “flow” for the meetings that everyone understands, is comfortable with and enjoys


Are you a DIY kind of person? So many are! If you want to go out and create your own mastermind, that is fabulous. Or if you are not ready to commit the time and vulnerability to a group, you can do a lot of the process on your own (you just won’t get the fabulous feedback).

 The Epic Mommy Private Community is a fabulous space where once a week we post our weekly goal and at the end of the week we say how it went.  Accountability. Then once a month we have a virtual “get together” to simply interact with other moms. Connection. Once a month we will also “pound out a project” together. Support. Once a month there is a “hot seat” where different moms can get feedback from the group on particular challenges. Problem Solving. Once a quarter I will lead the group in completing their SMART goals for the following 8 weeks.

The Epic Mommy Masterminds are in this group as well, but the masterminds have a “tribe” of other moms they work with and get feedback from and give feedback to weekly.  They also have a private Slack channel to keep up communications throughout the week.


If you are not going to join Epic Mommy Masterminds, PLEASE create your own. I feel that moms need this support. They need their own tribe that is willing to help them work on their challenges. A mastermind is one of the greatest gifts I ever allowed myself to have.  


If you are in Epic Mommy Masterminds you do.  I need everyone to be on the same “page.” This will create a much higher success rate for the mastermind groups.

If you are creating your own, no.  However, the workbook shows you how to create your own groups.