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I am passionate about writing. I also love to help others learn.  
I combined these two passions and brought parents...

Writing Made Easy a mini course that walks them through, step by step, teaching their child how to write a quality paragraph.

  • Many students miss the basic foundation of writing a paragraph
  • A quality paragraph leads to larger forms of writing
  • Good reasoning and examples learned in a paragraph lead to good speaking skills
  • Much of a child's academic success is centered around writing skills
  • When a child experiences academic success they feel more confident

This program comes in two formats:
E-course and Video course + E-course

The E-course is 22 pages with fabulous information and instruction.
However, if you are not a DIY person, good at reading instructions or a visual learner, the E-course is NOT for you.

  The Video course comes with the E-course.
In the video I go over every one of those 22 pages in the order you will be using them.  I also talk about how to use the self assessment with your child.

*Regardless of which program you choose, parent or mentor involvement is expected. 

1. Writing is a skill that many students have difficulty with.
2. This is a skill that can be worked on at home, easily and painlessly.  
3. Many parents want to enrich their child's education at home, but do not know how.  
4. I looked at homeschool writing programs, and I was saddened to see, for the most part they emphasized editing skills, not writing skills.  My most
IMPORTANT reason for creating this program: the children. When a child has confidence, their entire world changes. Good writing skills help them succeed in academics.  Good writing skills lead to organized speaking skills.  People will listen more often and longer to someone who can speak well. 

The skill level of this program is for students just learning to write paragraphs, 2nd or 3rd grade, through the teen years, if they still do not have these skills.  I taught 6th grade.  The scope and sequence said my students should have this skill.  5% of them did. We started with paragraphs.

 Beginning with persuasive, or opinion paragraphs, gives the advantage of higher interest for the writer. Once your child has mastered these skills, you  can use this exact same structure for a descriptive paragraph, expository and 5 paragraph essay.  

*If you are an adult and do not know how to write paragraphs-this is perfect for you as well. 

Like everything, the more you practice, the better you will be. Reality check...if you can actually go through the ENTIRE written process in this program ONCE a month AND verbally incorporate "well written" paragraphs once a week, your child will flourish.

There is no guarantee, not every child will write well or want to learn. A child IS more engaged if you also do the activity. When you come together on Day 6 to discuss their paragraph and how they used the rubric, show them a paragraph you did and then tell how YOU incorporated the rubric. This will help them grow as a writer because they will see different, more advanced writing and vocabulary referring to the same activity.